A funny little concept isn’t it? We see it every single day. Without strength, families crumble, victims of heinous crimes can never come back, suicides would be the cause of most deaths. Strength can also mean physical strength. Lifting a boulder, fighting criminals who have you at gun point, breaking a block of wood in a single punch and stuff like that. But I think it takes so much more to be the person who holds the family together.

I guess I am that person in my family though I am the youngest. My mother and sister are both so fragile. My parents fight, which is why I think I don’t believe in true love. My dad is definitely strong. He is the one who earns the livelihood. But he keeps his feelings to himself, never shares them, much like myself. My mom tells me everything, even things I wish I hadn’t known. She shouldn’t tell me what she and dad fight about. She says my sister and I are the only reason she hasn’t left. I’ll turn 18 this year. But I need to get into med school first, and all of their attention is focused on me. I don’t know what will happen when that is over. I always try to appear like I have no care in the world, which is what I think keeps both mum and dad going. They’re not speaking to each other right now. And it’s over something that happened before I was even born.

People perceive me as this rich, spoiled brat who has everything she could ever wish for. They say “You must have a servant for everything. Do you ever do anything by yourself?” They wish they were in my place and every time they imply that, all I can think is “You try being me for one day”. Now I’m not saying that they don’t have problems. All I’m saying is don’t judge a book by it’s cover.

All I can hope for is that things get better. Maybe people will start thinking about things other than their own miserable lives. I doubt people even think about what they’re doing to the environment, let alone doing something for the environment. I always think Earth would be better off without all of us, humans.

Thanks for reading.

Quote of the day :

The world breaks everyone, and afterward, some are strong at the broken places.

– Ernest Hemingway


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